Bria has coached across 35+ industries, all over the US, the UK, Canada and Mexico. The Simpson Business Program is for established service-based business owners with a team of 1-20 who are eager to scale, decrease stress, and reclaim their life!

Here is what clients say:

"I have tripled my business since beginning my work with Bria, and as the business grows, she is a steady voice reminding me how to keep my freedom and health as the top priority. I never, ever thought it would be possible to love my job, succeed in my work, and preserve so much time for myself and my family. Amazing! Bria’s service is among the very best investments I’ve made in my business over its lifetime."

Heather Garrett, owner of a 7-figure interior design firm

Bria Simpson Testimonial Heather Garrett, owner of an interior design firm
Bria Simpson Testimonial Emily and Chris Kreutzer, owners of a plumbing company

"We are working with Bria for a fourth year because she has helped our business become more profitable and more streamlined.   She has showed us how to become more profitable without changing our quality standards.  We have a better work-life balance and our stress levels have decreasedBuilding and running our team has improved and we have a clear plan for our future that we are excited about- because of our work with Bria.  It's crazy to think back to when we started working with her and to see how far we have come as a business. We are so thankful for her coaching and advice!”

Emily and Chris Kreutzer, owners of a 7-figure plumbing company

“My husband and I have owned a successful custom home renovation business for 15 years.  We’ve tried other coaches but felt we did not get the personal attention we needed.  Bria helped us develop systems to manage our employees, improve our customer satisfaction, and accelerate our cash flow.  Equally as important is the ongoing support in creating an enriching life outside of work.  After working with Bria- we have increased sales every year by an average of 22%.  Our increase in revenues averages over $275K each year. During that same time, we reduced overhead, significantly reduced debt and streamlined our business with systems that really work so that my husband and I only put in about 30 hours each week.  I highly recommend working with Bria if you have the opportunity!” 

Kathy Gunn, co-owner of a 7-figure home renovation business

Bria Simpson Testimonial Kathy Gunn, co-owner of a home renovation business
Bria Simpson Testimonial Tim Boucher, owner of a printing company

"I’ve owned my business for 15 years and used to work 15 hour days, 6 days a week. With the systems and procedures I’ve learned from Bria, I now work 4 days a week, 9 hours a day. I used to constantly be putting out fires. Now my business is running better, making more money, and I have a lot more time off. I highly recommend Bria’s services."

Tim Boucher, owner of a 7-figure printing company

"I started my own business many years ago because I wanted to work for myself. As exciting as its been watching it grow throughout the years, my life, lifestyle and health have all suffered greatly at times because of the way I ran it. Working with Bria has opened new paths for my business that I never could have imagined. Bria has helped me implement changes that have completely transformed my company. It is running far better than it ever has. I have more free time, more money and much less stress. I never dreamed I would be in this place.”

Cray Gunn, owner of a 7-figure construction company

 Bria Simpson Testimonial Cray Gunn, owner of construction company
Bria Simpson Testimonial Craig Heffley, owner of a wine store

By joining Bria’s coaching and training program, I am building a better business and creating an even more fulfilling life at the same time. I didn’t have anything written down before- now, thanks to her trainings, (which have SO much value!), I have clear processes and systems to share with my team. We are no longer reinventing the wheel all the time and the extra free time has reduced my stress enormously. I’m now really excited to grow my business, and increase revenues, in an organized manner and I find myself very excited knowing that Bria is in my corner. All her experience is very reassuring. This program is for EVERY business owner who wants to grow their business, with more ease!” 

Ben Richardson, owner, Christmas lights company and a carpentry business

"With Bria’s help, I am in the process of implementing project management and customer service systems so I can decrease my work time by 50%. As a result of our work together, we are also attracting higher-end clients and saying no to the people we don’t need to be working with. I highly recommend Bria’s services if you want to work less, enjoy your life more, and run an efficient, profitable business at the same time.”

Walker Harris, owner of a 7-figure construction business and co-owner of a heating/ AC repair business

Bria Simpson Testimonial Walker Harris, owner of a construction business
Bria Simpson Testimonial Helen Dutton, a consultant

"My existing business was feeling stagnant and tired before I started working with Bria; I had even considered closing my doors. Since working with Bria, my business has changed in several ways – I make more money in less time and, most importantly for me, it has re-captured my interest and energy. The training she offers is the best I have experienced in the field.”

Helen Dutton, Business Coach

“Bria is very organized and has helped us incrementally and methodically. She is personable and creatively addresses every step of the coaching process without distraction. After only a few months of working with Bria, our daily systems are much more organized. I now have a lot more time to focus where I need to so I can accelerate my business growth and open another store in a much more organized manner!” 

Craig Heffley, owner of a wine store

Bria Simpson Testimonial Craig Heffley, owner of a wine store
Bria Simpson Testimonial Darci Hether, owner of interior design firm

“I found out about a lecture that Bria was giving and during that seminar, it was clear to me that if I wanted to turn things around I needed help and guidance to get me to where I wanted to go. I figured I’d give it a year and see where it took me. Well, where my first year with Bria took me was far beyond what I could have imagined for my business or me. Bria is as much about guiding one to cultivate a strong sense and clear vision (and action steps to get there!) of one’s business as she is about stressing the importance of creating sacred time to care for one's self – emotionally, physically and mentally. The change in my business (and personal life) this past year is palpable – in the most positive of ways."

Darci Hether, owner of interior design firm

“Since working with Bria for just a few months, and doing her trainings, we are attracting better clients and have been able to raise our prices in a manner that has been received well. I now have written systems in place for my business! My manager and the team have become more independent and capable, thanks to our new systems, which have really freed up my time.”

Samantha, owner of a residential cleaning service

"Working with Bria, I’ve learned how to think bigger, focus my time and delegate better, and present and market myself in powerful ways that I would not have been able to do on my own. I love her insights and energy. For me, perhaps most importantly, I now know how to position myself at the top of my field and there is no telling how far that will take me.”

Kristel Dorion, owner of a carbon-offset company

"Bria was instrumental in helping me organize and carefully think through the ownership structure of my business. Bria’s insights regarding personalities and partnerships were invaluable. In addition, she helped me process my day to day business operations, which was essential.”

Julian Culton, owner of real estate firm

"Bria is a great business coach and advisor. She is well versed in her field. Her vast experience helped me create a marketing and business strategy that successfully serves my boutique store. She has provided me with an enormous amount of support so that I could expand into other business segments. Our business partnership has been invaluable.”

Po-Ming Wong, owner of boutique store

"Bria has helped me up-level my business by showing me how to narrow my niche market and improve my core message and marketing strategies. I expect to double my income in the next 12 months implementing the strategies I’ve learned from Bria.”

Martha O-Neil, financial planner

Bria Simpson Testimonial Steve McCrae, owner of an onsite drug testing company

"With Bria’s help, my business has turned into a much more efficient, more profitable company- with much less of my time. I highly recommend working with Bria if you want to be able to make more money, run a better business, and work less. My business would not be where it is today with her help.”

Steve McCrae, owner of an onsite drug testing company

“Finding Bria was a true turning point for me. My time with Bria has saved me months, possibly years, of struggling to identify my niche market, create marketing materials, implement systems, identify long-term goals, and coach me through difficult decisions and challenges. Thanks to her, I now have a clear system in place to attract and service my clients, manage stress and time, and succeed in my business.”

Christine H. Grant, non-profit consultant

“Bria has been a brilliant and supportive coach to support me in growing my business to new heights this year. When you work with Bria, you’ll benefit from her powerful model of a successful business and a consciously created, balanced lifestyle that is sustainable AND fun."

Jenna Avery, Coach and Consultant

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