Scale your business.

Increase profits.

Reduce stress and reclaim your life.



Scale your business.

Increase profits.

Reduce stress

and reclaim your life.


Business and life coaching for advancing entrepreneurs

I coach  small business owners and entrepreneurs, who want to scale into multi-6 figures, 7 figures and beyond, how to:

So you can transform your business and take back your life.

You deserve more financial security, more ease, more free time,
and less stress.

A proven blueprint that works.

If you've been stuck in overwhelm, check out what clients say for inspiration

Heather Garrett

Heather Garrett
Owner, 7-Figure Interior Design Firm

“I have tripled my business since beginning my work with Bria. I never, ever thought it would be possible to love my job, succeed in my work, and preserve so much time for myself and my family. Amazing! Bria’s service is among the very best investments I’ve made in my business over its lifetime.

Emily and Chris

Emily and Chris Kreutzer
Owners, Plumbing Company

Bria has showed us how to become more profitable and streamlined. We have a better work-life balance and our stress levels have decreased. Building and running our team has improved and we have a clear plan for our future that we are excited about. We are so thankful for Bria's coaching and advice!”

Kathy Gunn

Kathy Gunn, Co-owner of a 7-figure home renovation business

"After working with Bria- we have increased sales every year by an average of 22%. Our increase in revenues averages over $275K each year. During that time, we reduced overhead, significantly reduced debt and streamlined our business with systems that really work so that my husband and I only put in about 30 hours each week. I highly recommend working with Bria if you have the opportunity!”

Tim Boucher

Tim Boucher
Owner, Printing Company

 I’ve owned my business for 15 years and used to work 15-hour days, 6 days a week. With the systems and procedures, I’ve learned from Bria, I now work 4 days a week, 9 hours a day. I used to constantly be putting out fires.  Now my business is running better, making more money, and I have a lot more time off.

Cray Gunn

Cray Gunn
Owner, 7-Figure Construction Company

Working with Bria has opened new paths for my business that I never could have imagined. Bria has helped me implement changes that have completely transformed my company. It is running far better than it ever has. I have more free time, more money and much less stress. I never dreamed I would be in this place.” 

Ben Richardson

Ben Richardson
Owner, Christmas lights company and a carpentry business

Thanks to Bria's coaching (which has SO much value!), I now have clear processes and systems. We no longer reinvent the wheel all the time. I find myself very excited knowing that Bria is in my corner. This program is for EVERY business owner who wants to grow their business, with more ease and less stress! ”

 Walker Harris

Walker Harris, Owner, 7-figure construction business and a heating/ AC repair business

With Bria’s help, I am in the process of implementing project management and customer service systems so I can decrease my work time by 50%. As a result of our work together, we are attracting higher-end clients. I highly recommend Bria’s services if you want to work less, enjoy your life more, and run an efficient, profitable business at the same time.

Helen Dutton

Helen Duttonr
Business Coach

“My existing business was feeling stagnant and tired before I started working with Bria; I had even considered closing my doors. Since working with Bria, my business has changed in several ways – I make more money in less time and, most importantly for me, it has re-captured my interest and energy. The training she offers is the best I have experienced in the field.”

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