Building and leading a high performance team is essential for sustainable growth and success.

Over the course of our time together, you'll be amazed at how hiring and leading a team or assistant, with clear structure and accountability, rapidly advances your business and brings in more revenues.

You'll begin to relax because you can finally trust others to do their jobs well.  And with so much taken off your plate, rather than constantly putting out fires, you can finally step back and work ON your business.

The additional free time and reduced stress is such a relief!

Whether you haven’t hired yet or you have a team of 20, you learn how to:

Let go of limiting beliefs around hiring and training that have been holding you back 


Be strategic about where to focus, where to delegate or automate, how to hire well, and what to hire for next


Lead a high performance team that is held accountable, supports you, and grows your business. It’s easier than you think!


Fast-tracked trainings on what to do and how to do it

Seven modules, with multiple trainings in each, are carefully designed to teach you how to create the processes and systems, a high-performance assistant or team, and the growth mindset you need to transform your business into one that is more efficient, more profitable, and easier-to-run… with less of your time.

Customizable exercises, clear next steps, and focused accountability

Each training includes bite-size, customizable exercises and templates, with clear next steps, so you can easily implement them and incorporate them into your business.  An accountability system helps you stay focused and reach your goals faster.

Monthly Private Coaching with Bria

Private one-on-one coaching, mentoring and support is crucial for scaling success.  Your business has similarities with other businesses that want to scale, but it also some has unique features.  Bria gives you her undivided attention to help you elevate to your next level, overcome obstacles, and feel supported every step of the way.

Development of your Operations Manual

The written processes and systems you create become your Operations Manual- which runs your business more like a well-oiled machine, lowers stress, and vastly increases its value should you decide to sell it

Proven low-cost resources

Bria’s team shares the up-to-date technology you need to simplify and automate pieces of your business so you get better, more consistent results.

Monthly Mastermind Calls

Mastermind with Bria and other high-level business owners in small group zoom calls. Ask Bria any questions you want and learn best practices from other like-minded entrepreneurs.