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Jul 14, 2022

I’m just back from a month away in Tuscany and Umbria, with our kids and good friends, to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. After weeks of incredible food, fabulous wine, and joyous people, our friends inspired us to renew our vows outside our villa. It was so fun!

And this month of adventure created countless cherished memories.

Does a month away, without working, seem impossible to you?

I get it. There was a time I worked tirelessly in my coaching business and thought a month away was impossible too.  I just knew that if I took more than one week off, things would fall apart without me.

As did so many of my clients when they started working with me. I hear this from entrepreneurs all the time:

"I can’t possibly be absent from work for more than a few days. Things fall apart."

"I can’t trust that my team will do what they are supposed to do if I’m not around."

"I NEED to be there to put out fires and ensure good customer service."

"My cash flow will plummet if I’m not around all the time."

I hear you.  It’s very normal to feel chained to your business – it is your baby, after all.  But here’s the thing…it doesn’t have to be this way!

Your freedom starts with systems! Written step-by-step processes and systems that become your Operations Manual.  Systems run the business. Your highly capable team then runs the systems.

And YOU, my friend, can create more abundance, with LESS of YOU, and live the life you want!  

Maybe you are wondering "Sure Bria, sounds good, but HOW do I create these systems?".  

And, "once I have them, how do I make my team follow them consistently without driving myself crazy?"

Since I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs who struggle with this, after 18 years of coaching, I’ve developed a proven formula that shows you exactly HOW to:

- Systematize your business (and create your Operations Manual)

-Train your team to run the systems consistently (or hire well if you haven’t hired yet)

-Increase revenues 

- Enjoy the freedom and abundance you deserve!

If this concept appeals to you, book a free exploratory session directly with me (I don’t farm you out to others.  I like to know my clients if we end up being a good fit for each other :).

 On this call, we will identify where you are stuck, map out a plan for a brighter future, and I’ll answer all your questions to see if I am a good fit to help you scale your business, lower your stress, and secure your freedom once and for all!

This could be the one thing that changes everything:


To your abundance and freedom,



P.S. Freedom comes in many forms. Once "on the other side", some clients like to take a full month off.  Others, like Tim, prefer to regularly work four-day weeks.  Here is what Tim has to say: 


"I’ve owned my business for 15 years and used to work 15 hour days, 6 days a week. With the systems and procedures I’ve learned from Bria, I now work 4 days a week, 9 hours a day. I used to constantly be putting out fires. Now my business is running better, making more money, and I have a lot more time off. I highly recommend Bria’s services."

Tim Boucher, owner of a 7-figure printing company


P.P.S. Do you really want to be in this same situation in 6 months or a year?  If you don’t, let’s chat sooner rather than later, ok? I have a few spots open this month and you can Click here to get started.

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