You are braver than you think.

Dec 07, 2021

A business owner recently shared with me on the phone “I know I need help getting out of my own way and learning new skills to run my business better. I know I work way too hard and it’s not sustainable. But, in some ways it feels scarier to join any coaching program than it does to stay stuck in my habitual patterns”.

I so appreciated her honesty!

And it’s true… whether your habitual patterns are keeping you stuck and afraid of investing in an experienced business coach OR whether you are in my program right now, and worried about taking the time away from your business to work ON your business (and do your trainings, show up for our coaching calls etc)- sometimes it feels easier to stay in our comfort zone than it does to take empowered, wise action in the direction of growth. After all, it’s what we are used to. There is some comfort in that.

It’s like the pain of getting OUT of our comfort zone, even when we know it’s good for us, can sometimes feel less than the pain of staying IN our comfort zone, even when we are stuck in patterns that are limiting our growth and exhausting us.

So what I told her, and what I want to encourage you to do- if you relate to feeling stuck in your comfort zone- is ask yourself these three questions:

#1- What is going to truly help me get to my next level where I can run a better business with more structure, more ease, and less exhaustion?

#2- What is the COST of inaction? Of NOT investing in learning new skills and continuing what I’m doing now? (Hint: you will very likely be in the same place a year from now)

#3- Would I rather stay stuck in my comfort zone, with all the pain I feel right now OR be brave, take empowered action in the direction of my higher goals, and accept the short term pain of carving out the time to learn and implement new skills in order to run a better business, with less of my time?

Wherever you feel stuck right now, I know you are braver than you think. And that’s because you are courageous enough to start your own business- something that terrifies most people to the point of inaction. And you were scared at times when you started your business, but you did it anyway!

Action Step: Using your answers above, what is ONE step you can take to be brave again, get out of your comfort zone to reach your goals faster?

The truth is- we can be afraid and brave at the same time! What’s important is to take empowered action in the direction of your larger goals.

“Courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it”- Nelson Mandela.


To your leap to the next level, with balance,



P.S. And, if you are wondering, the woman sided with her courage and joined my coaching program :) You don’t need to join mine if it’s not a good fit, but please join something in 2022. A really good business coaching program, one that teaches you HOW to streamline your business AND build and lead a high performing team, will help you reach your goals MUCH faster than you ever could on your own. Short term pain (perhaps) for long term gain. And that means more money, more ease, and more joy!

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