Working harder doesn't work

Nov 16, 2021

This time I’ll be talking about something you maybe doing wrong and it’s hurting your business.


Everybody knows that hard work is the path to success, right? So the harder you work the more successful you’ll be.


What if I told you that isn’t true?


Think about it for a minute…


When you started your business, you probably hoped that you’d be working around 40-45 hours a week. But then reality hit. There was just way too much to do! 


So you started to work more... because that’s what we’ve been taught to believe.  More work= more “success”.


Now you’re working (or thinking about your work) 60 or even 70+ hours a week and your business still isn’t where you want it to be.  It’s exhausting you!


How can you move forward? You can’t possibly work more!  


You’re already working so much you don’t have time to spend with your family and friends, exercise regularly or just enjoy some essential quiet time for yourself.


The problem is that our cultural belief of “more work= more success” is all wrong.


To succeed in your business you need to work smarter. Not harder.


Some of my previous tips have taught you what to focus on and what to delegate or automate.  The next piece to think about is what to systematize better.


Systema- what?


It basically just means creating a step-by-step system that will be more consistent, more efficient and more cost-effective.  Systems start to run the business, and people run those systems.


A quick example is scheduling.  If you or your team are still scheduling people, with no automation, you are losing money and increasing frustration!  People are human (obviously :) and humans forget things.  Automation systems don’t forget!


One very simple tool, such as Calendly (what we use), can send out consistent reminders for appointments or meetings.  So even this one little tip will help increase your show-up rate, which translates into more clients or a better attended business meeting… all of which translates into more money and a better run business!


Once you structure your business around automation and other step-by-step systems, your business will start to run better, with much less of your time or your team’s time.  


Remember… building systems and structure is the key.


Working smarter instead of harder; putting in better systems instead of more hours.


So, I challenge you to ask yourself “Where can I implement more automation or other step-by-step processes?”.  And then do it :) 


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