Want to know how to scale your business?

Dec 02, 2021
How to scale your business

My clients have often dreamt of leveraging their time and scaling, that is- bringing in MORE revenues with LESS of their time-  before we start working together, but they don’t know how to get there.  And they don’t feel like they have the TIME to do it.

Can you relate to that?

I know I can.  For 22 years, the bulk of my therapy practice, and then my business coaching practice, was private one-on-one sessions.  It was awesome for a while.  

But not sustainable.  I burned out in both businesses.

The solution for me, and for many of my clients, was to create video trainings and customizable templates to teach people HOW to learn and implement the skills that they needed to streamline their businesses, leverage their time, and get their lives back.

And then to offer group q and a coaching calls to help them overcome obstacles and support them on their journeys.  

And here is the kicker-They didn’t lose value with this approach, rather, they GAINED value!

And the next kicker- There is a way to do this for EVERY small business.  Across all industries.  As long as you have clients and customers.

If you are shaking your head, I just want you to consider this-


There are multiple ways to scale and increase revenues, without increasing your time or sacrificing value:

#1- Move to group work entirely.  Ask yourself “What pre-recorded curriculum can I create to help my clients reach their goals much faster than they would on their own?” and include group coaching, training or Q and A calls.

#2- Create a hybrid business. Some private work, with an additional pre-recorded curriculum, or group events, that could benefit multiple clients at once.

#3- If you are brick and mortar- open another location. (But, please, only after you have created written, repeatable, successful processes in writing.  Systems run the business… people run the systems.)

#4-  Hire one or several “mini yous”.   Several of my clients who are therapists, coaches, interior designers, or who own businesses in the trades, for instance, realized they could not scale their business, with less of their time, without hiring licensed people in their field to do the same excellent work that they do.

#5-Delegate more of what is outside your “Unique Brilliance" (UB)- that intersection of what you love to do and do well.  Ideally,  you want at least 75% of your time in this UB quadrant and you want to delegate or automate that which you dislike, that drains you or that you aren’t great at doing.  This is often the first step towards leveraging your time and creating a sustainable business you enjoy.

And then be sure to get help with how to hire well, build, and lead your team well.


Action Steps: 

#1- Considering all this, what is ONE step you will take in 2022 to help you leverage your time, scale your business, and reduce overwhelm? 

#2- When will you do this? Put it in your calendar and make it happen!


To your scaling success,


P.S. If your mind is swirling with thoughts like “who am I to be so big?” or “this feels too overwhelming” or any other thoughts that resists leveraging your time- stay tuned for my success tip next week :)

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