Two Reasons You Aren’t Making More Money 💸

Apr 11, 2022

I see this over and over with business owners- they believe in their business but they aren’t making the money they know they deserve.

And I’ve learned, after almost two decades of working with entrepreneurs, that there are two primary reasons for this:

#1- The client experience isn’t consistently top-notch. Something in the client experience path isn’t performing as well as it could.  

There are numerous ways this can happen.  For example: perhaps the person who is the first point of contact with the client hasn’t been taught exactly what to ask or say, consistently, to attract good-fit clients and provide top-notch service. 

Perhaps each team member isn’t held accountable or incentivised for kindness and excellence, every time. Is it possible that somewhere along the client journey someone is defensive or reactive, rather than calm, considerate and friendly?  Perhaps the limitation is somewhere else in the client experience.

#2- You are doing way too much yourself. When your hand is in too many areas, you bottleneck your growth.  Nobody is excellent in all areas of their business and by trying to keep tabs of too much yourself, you are actually preventing your growth!  

The Solution: 

#1- Take yourself through the client experience (or, for an unbiased perspective, have someone else do it anonymously) and ask yourself, as a client:

  • Is any part of the experience lacking?
  • How could you get better results?  
  • What are some ways you could benefit, or feel cared for, even MORE?  
  • What might encourage you to feel more loyal to this business? 

#2-  Identify the areas where you must let go of control, in order to grow. This is a tough one for just about every entrepreneur.  As difficult as it can be to admit, there are definitely areas in your business that you need to delegate or automate more in order to scale and increase revenues. And the sooner you spot those areas, the sooner you can start addressing them.

I get it. That “letting go” process feels extremely difficult. We often believe that it’s easier to just do things yourself than to hire or train. You aren’t alone. I’ve been there myself and it’s a very common obstacle in the scaling process. 

But please understand that overcoming these obstacles can be the difference between staying where you are and catapulting to the next level: one where the money pours in and life becomes so much easier.

If you are serious about making a transformation in your business, and would like to book a free Exploratory Strategy Call directly with me to see if I can help you, I’d love to have a chat. Click here to book your call. 


To your financial abundance, with more ease,



P.S. You deserve the right training and support to help you reach your business potential.

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