The #1 Secret to Improving Your Team

Apr 22, 2022

Does hiring scare you?


Not sure what to hire for next or how to afford it?


Afraid of taking the risk in case they don’t work out well?


If your answer to any one of those questions is yes, you are not alone. These are normal concerns that most entrepreneurs grapple with… 


The good news is there are specific strategies you can implement to build and lead a top-notch team (or improve the one you have).


And I break those strategies down in different emails and blog posts.


For today, whether you haven’t hired yet or you have a team of at most 10, knowing how to hire and lead well is critical to your sustainable success!


And as I think through what has helped hundreds of my clients the most, it’s this secret:


You, or your second-in-command,  MUST slow down and train well.


There is just no way around it. But the beauty is... once you get your training systems down and in writing, adding it to your evolving Operations Manual, your new hires can be trained well in a fraction of the time.


Follow these simple steps:


#1- Clarify what you need them to do and what success looks like. They can’t read your mind.  Be as specific as possible, such as “In order to do this job well, this is what I need you to do- X, Y and Z, and this is how to do it well (insert descriptions, checklists, written processes). 


#2- Include deadlines and specific accountability measures. How will you know they’ve done their job and done it well?  How and when is task completion to be communicated to you or your second-in-command?  (We use google docs that my Director of Operations calls “Task Tracker”. Each team member is in charge of updating their progress daily and writing in notes if they need to extend a deadline and why. My Director is ON them anytime they forget :)


#3-Ask for any clarification needed.  Is it crystal clear what is expected of them, when and how it’s communicated? Do they have any questions?


#4- Specify who they go to for questions along the way. In the beginning, as you and your evolving team develop more and more written processes along the way, each team member needs to know who to ask questions to along the way and how/when to best reach that person.


In the next post, I’ll discuss how to have effective team meetings.  And if you want to check out other posts for more tips, check out my blog here.


Step-by-step, you will build and lead an amazing team and soar to new heights!


Believing in you,



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