Success Strategy: What NOT to do

Nov 04, 2021

So often, entrepreneurs are doing way too much of what they dislike or aren’t great at doing.


And here’s the thing... just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you  SHOULD be doing it. For every task in your business that you dislike or that drains you… there is someone out there that actually LOVES doing it and therefore will be more consistent and better at it than you! 


It's true! (And yes, some people actually LOVE billing… ☺)


The awesome news is that there is an easy way to figure out what to delegate next. 


The simple solution is- delegate something in your business that you dislike, that drains you, or that you just aren’t good at doing.  And then continue to do more of this type of delegation as quickly as you can.


Remember the last tip I sent about working more in your own Unique Brilliance (UB)- (That intersection of what you are awesome at and love doing)?  Well… you guessed it… you then want to hire people whose UB are in the areas that you need to delegate!


This one step will vastly improve the efficiency, effectiveness and ease of your business.  And make you and your assistant or team a whole lot happier!


How much time are you spending doing things that you don’t like? Or doing things that you aren’t particularly good at or that drain you? 


Please make a plan to delegate them as soon as possible if you want to advance your business and actually enjoy it at the same time.


I hope this tip helps you gain some important clarity on how to advance your business.

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