Skyrocket Your Business With Rapid Referrals

Oct 10, 2022

Did you know that 50% of purchases come from referrals?

My name is Bria Simpson, international business coach for over 20 years, and in this week’s free tip I’m going to show you how you can build a rapid referral machine that can boost your business to the next level.

With recommendations being behind at least 50% of all purchases, your business will grow faster and you’ll make more money as you get more good-fit clients that refer to you, so you want to get as many of these clients as possible as soon as you can.

Your referral machine can be very simple, yet very effective. You should be able to have it start ramping up your business without too much stress or hassle. And it also has the advantage of saving you money, because the more referrals you get, the less cash you need to spend on marketing. Your rapid referral machine is all about building positive relationships.

To begin building your referral machine, you need to:

  • Create your A list: These are people you already know, and that already like and trust you and your business; people who will often refer to you when you ask them to, whether by email, letters or during personal encounters.

  • Create your A-list plan: This is where you decide how you’re going to approach the people in your A list. Are you going to send warm letters or emails? Will you invite them to live meetings? A combination of both? Remember you always want to be connecting and building on the relations with these people, so ask questions and listen first. You should aim to connect with your A list quarterly. An important success tip here is to never ask IF they know someone who could benefit from your competitive advantages, but rather WHO they know.

  • Create your B list: This is where you place people that you’ve already met and felt some good vibes around, but you just don’t know that well yet. These people likely won’t refer to you yet, but will probably do so once they get to know you better.

  • Create your B-list plan: You want to focus on building relationships here. Start with a warm letter or postcard campaign, offer to help them in some way or another, and finally invite them to a one-on-one of some kind. Your goal should be to stay in touch every other month. Once you know them better, you can then move them to your A list and follow that plan.

  • Thank your referrals: I can’t stress this enough. Always thank your referrals! You need to create your thank-you system. It could be a gift card, a free month of service, or a handwritten note. The dollar value isn’t as important as the thought.

  • Consider a customer referral program: This is where you offer your existing customers some kind of reward for referring new customers.

Once created, your referral machine should be automated so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of following up each step of the way. You can do this in a simple spreadsheet and have a member of your team handle it.

Your referral machine is one of the essential systems you need to build if you want to take your business to the next level with less stress and overwhelm.

I hope this helps.



To your continued success, with lots of referrals,



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