Scale with More Ease 

Nov 17, 2022

Entrepreneurs tend to be hard-working, fiercely independent people. I’m that way, and probably so are you. But in the midst of being independent and willing to put in the hard work and long hours, you’re probably holding on to some common myths; limiting beliefs that are keeping your business small and stuck.

My name is Bria Simpson. I’m an international business coach with over 20 years of experience coaching business owners like yourself across 30 different industries. In today’s tip, I’m going to talk to you about two limiting beliefs you need to get rid of right away if you want your business to grow to the next level.

Limiting belief #1: “I can do it better myself, so I should just do it”.

Our independence as entrepreneurs is often linked to a reluctance to take the time needed to train someone else to work for us.  If you are like me when I started, your hands are in most (if not all) aspects of your business. 

But the truth is, no one has the skills, passion, energy, and time to be great at absolutely everything. It’s just not possible. And when you’re doing too much (or everything) in your business, that’s actually preventing you from getting the results that you want, which just leaves you exhausted and frustrated.

Limiting belief #2: “I can’t afford to hire”.

This is a very common myth, and it’s especially hard to let go of when you’re facing cash flow challenges. 

The truth is, if you want to scale, you can’t afford NOT to hire if you want to achieve sustainable success and have a life!  You need to find the funds, or make changes in your business structure, so you can properly build your team. 

If you missed the tip on how to improve cash flow, you can find it along with all my other tips over on my blog). 

If you look at both of these myths, there’s a common thread. Getting rid of the first limiting belief means accepting the fact that you can’t do everything by yourself if you want your business to thrive. Getting rid of the second one means embracing the need to build a team.

Building and maintaining a high-performance team is essential to elevating your business to the next level, reclaiming your life, and finding a better work-life balance. But hiring is a tedious, scary process, and many entrepreneurs are loath to even try it. 

The key to good hiring is getting it right, from the beginning, especially when you’re facing cash flow issues.

Stay tuned for an upcoming tip where I’ll show you how to hire the right way, using your unique “talent matrix”.

Meanwhile, I hope this tip has helps you ease your way out of limiting beliefs and into empowering ones!

To your continued, sustainable success :) 


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