Never have enough time?

Mar 24, 2022

Do you ever feel like there is no way you can get everything done that needs to get done?

Do you wake up unsure what to do next because there are so many things that need your attention? And once you choose one of those things, get it planned, and dig in, do you find that some fire needs to be put out, pulling you -once again- in a different direction?  

And then the day ends and you feel like you never get enough done?

Not only is it hard enough to get done what you need in work, what about the rest of life? Regular exercise? Take a fun trip? Eat a relaxing dinner with a partner or family? Simply lay back and chill out with a good book or a movie?  Does all of this feel out of reach?

You are not alone. And that’s because running a business, without overwhelm, requires NEW skills and practices. Nobody knows how to do all this on their own and do it well. Nobody. 

It probably seems impossible to work with a coach, and do some trainings to learn these new skills, because you feel like if you add even just one more thing, you might go a little insane…

I get it. You can’t squeeze “more” into a day where more time doesn’t exist.

But, the truth is… it doesn’t have to be this way.

What I’ve learned from coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs over the past 18  years, and running several of my own businesses, is this:

If you invest TWO hours a week working ON your business, you can get 8-10 hours back by running a leveraged business.  

Your time expands tremendously and your business actually improves! And suddenly you find yourself able to take that yoga class, plan a fun date, spend time with family…. Without worry or stress, knowing your leveraged business is doing well with less of you.

To gain more time, and get better results, you actually need to work a little differently… and believe it or not, work LESS!

Don’t believe me? Let me show you how on a Free Exploratory Strategy Call.

This is what I do all day and I absolutely love it. Because (outside of my family) few things bring me more joy than helping entrepreneurs run better businesses, take back their lives, and enjoy greater abundance, health, and happiness than they ever have before.

If you would like to learn how to take some baby steps in the direction of finding more free time, and building a better, more leveraged business, book your Exploratory Strategy Call with me here.

Believing in you,



P.S. This free exploratory call is directly with me. Because I work directly with my clients and keep a small client base. I want to know my clients and support them, side-by-side on their journey. If this approach appeals to you, let’s have a chat

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