Let’s make 2022 your best year ever!

Dec 30, 2021

Let’s think for a minute about planning a trip. It doesn’t matter if it’s a vacation with your family or a business trip you’re making on your own. How do you go about planning it? How much money do you need? What kind of clothes do you pack? What do you need to buy or invest in?


You might be thinking “It really depends on where I’m going”. And it’s true. You need to know your destination so you can get there better, faster and more efficiently.


And it’s exactly the same for your business! You’ll find it easier to get to where you want to be in your business when you have a clear picture of exactly where you want to be!


So, with 2021 winding down it’s good to take a look at where you are right now and think about what you want your business to be by the end of 2022.


In other words, you want to start thinking about your business' One Year Vision. And this isn’t just something to have floating around in your mind; you want this in writing, where you can revisit it often.  Writing it out will help you gain clarity to create what you want.


To help you get there, follow these steps:

#1- Think about your business in one year running more like a well-oiled machine with:

  • Better processes and systems to attract more good-fit clients, retain them longer, and receive an influx of referrals with ease. 
  • Clear processes and systems to improve your cash flow and reduce mistakes, misunderstandings and frustration. 
  • A high performing assistant or team that supports you and takes so much off your plate, you can focus on what you love to do and are great at doing. 
  • Mindset and life balance practices that keep you calm, energized, balanced and so grateful for your amazing life and business! 

Imagine… You are finally enjoying the freedom that you hoped you would have when you went into business. You are much more relaxed, riding the inevitable ups and downs of entrepreneurship, with more ease. Your mindset has shifted into one that is confident and optimistic. You have so much more trust that your business can run well with less of you- because you have written systems in place that are actually being followed! 


#2- Step 1 gave you a general idea of where you want to be, but now it’s time to dive into details.  I encourage you to have a “realistic stretch” for the year.


  • With great progress, how much money is your business bringing in by the end of 2022? 
  • What does a normal business week look like for you? Which of the tasks you’re doing right now are you still doing and enjoying? Which of those tasks are you happy and relieved that you’re NOT doing anymore? 
  • What does your assistant do or what does your team look like?


With this vision firmly in your mind, hop over to your computer and open up your favorite word processor. Or go old school, like I love to do, with pen and paper, and start brainstorming the answers to these questions, by the end of 2022:


  • With great progress, what does my business look like- revenues, profits, team structure etc. ?
  • What do I no longer tolerate in my business? (A difficult employee? cramped work space? working too many hours?)
  • What do I spend most of my time doing when I’m working? (note: you want it to be the parts of your business that you enjoy and are great at doing)
  • What am I no longer doing during my work hours (and happier because of it) because systems or my team are doing those things? 
  • What am I doing, that I enjoy, and am grateful for, when I’m not working?
  • What do I no longer tolerate in my life? (people or activities that drain you? habits that lead to negative outcomes?)
  • Who are the most important people in my life and how do we spend our time together?
  • How am I taking excellent care of myself?
  • Where else might I need to grow and gain clarity around?

Now that you have your One Year Vision, don’t forget about it!  You want to place it somewhere where you’ll see it, read it, and be inspired by it regularly.


With your destination clearly laid out, now you can better plan how to get from here to there.  This is a critical step towards creating a spectacular 2022.


Wishing you all the best in the coming year!

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