Is it time to hire? Move past your fear!

Jan 06, 2022

Back when you started your service-based business, it was probably a one or two person show. You likely handled way too much. From marketing, scheduling appointments, controlling inventory, billing and, of course, providing the actual service. 

But then you realized, or are beginning to notice, that you can’t stay that way forever.  Not if you want to actually like your business and your life!

 As your business grows, many of these tasks, which, to be honest, you probably aren’t that fond of or aren’t very good at, start taking up more and more of your time. You soon get to the point where you’re putting in 60+ hours a week, most of them not doing what you love. You realize you can’t do so much anymore.

 So it’s time to hire some help or more help- depending on where you are.

 And if you are afraid to hire, you are not alone.  It’s a very common challenge with my clients.

 Maybe you’ve had bad experiences hiring and managing people.  

 More than likely you are not a bad manager (though we can all use some training on how to lead a team well), but the main reason things haven’t gone well is you’ve hired the wrong person for the job you need.

 Think about it for a minute. How did you choose the people you’ve hired? Did you hire a family member or a friend? Did you ask the person already working for you to evolve into a job that they aren’t really capable of doing well? 

 Maybe you were so overwhelmed that you hired the first person you interviewed out of desperation.

 In other words, the problem is that you didn’t hire slowly and strategically.

 Here are some steps that can help you hire better:

  •  First, you need to have a very clear picture of what you want the person you’re hiring to do. Is it a general administrative assistant who is proficient at multiple tasks? Maybe you want an expert marketer or somebody who can handle your billing or scheduling.  Or something else?
  • Once you know what you need them to do, do a little homework and find out what skills they’ll need to perform those tasks. This includes you having an understanding of the technology and software they might need. You also want to know the personality traits they need to have to perform well.
  • With all the knowledge you have, create a template with the questions you’ll ask each candidate.  Ideally, interview at least three people.
  • Create a hiring system where you’ll interview each candidate at least twice. Invite only your good-fit candidates to the second interview.
  • Include questions aimed at understanding how your candidates deal with stress, communicate, and how willing they are to own their mistakes and learn from them.
  • And, above all, DON’T RUSH INTO IT. This is something where you want to take your time so you can get the right fit.

 Hiring right is a key to building a team that you can trust to have your back, take care of the things you aren’t very good at or don’t have real passion for, and run the systems that keep your business going strong with less of you… giving you the time you need to really enjoy your business and live a happier, more balanced life.


Happy hiring,


P.S. When I started my first business 28 years ago, I sucked at hiring.  I follow this strategy now and have the best team that I’ve ever had.  Regardless of your present or past, your future can be much brighter when you hire slowly and strategically.

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