How to end the year on a high.

Dec 17, 2021

Happy Holidays!

One of my favorite quotes is:

What we focus on expands”- Deepak Chopra.  

 And, sadly, the human brain, left to its own devices, tends to focus on the negative far more than the positive.  So there is a natural tendency to expand negative thoughts and minimize positive ones.

 We can counteract that, and cultivate a lot more joy, and energy, when we mindfully notice what’s going well and what we are grateful for.  

 Before I share some tips on how to end your year on a high note, I want to thank you all for including me on your journey.  It’s an honor and joy for me to guide you on your business building, stress reducing, life balancing path.

 And a special thank you to my awesome clients.  You keep me creatively and intellectually challenged and my coaching calls with you are always a “high” for that day.   Thank you for sharing your authentic, heart-centered selves with me and for trusting in the magical process of coaching and transformation.  I get so excited by your progress and I’m truly grateful for you!

 And now, for YOU and your team (if you have one) to end your year on a high, please follow these steps:

 #1- Ask yourself and make a list:

  •  What are you proud of that you have done this year? And what are you grateful for? (we can be grateful for things we aren’t proud of- such as hardships that occur and the lessons we have learned from those hardships)
  • What are you proud of that your business has accomplished this year?  What lessons might you be grateful for?
  • If you have a business partner, share with each other what you are proud that the other person has done this year.

 #2- Next, ask yourself:

  •  What are you proud of that your collective team has done this year? Share this with the team.
  • What are you proud of that each member of the team has done? Share this with each individual.

 #3- Now, with your assistant or team, ask them:

  •  What are you proud of that our business has accomplished this year?
  • What are you proud of that you have accomplished this year?

 #4- And, to your clients- consider sending a heartfelt email sharing what you appreciate about them.  Not only will they appreciate your gratitude, you will stand out because most business owners just don’t slow down enough to do this mindful practice.

 And then... notice how you feel!  And notice how your team feels after this exercise.

 No matter what has transpired this year, you undoubtedly will have some experiences to be proud of and grateful for.  

 And slowing down to first notice, and then share with your team and clients, spreads joy and elevates everyone.

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