How to Create A High Performing Team With No Drama and Zero Chaos

Jun 14, 2022

Building a high-performance team might seem daunting, but it's not as complicated as you might think. If you want to build an amazing team, you can follow these strategies to make it a much easier process.

#1-Hire People Who Are Awesome At What You Dislike Doing

The reality is that no one likes doing everything in their business. It’s literally not possible.

It’s important to know your natural strengths and talents so that you can understand exactly where you want to fill gaps with other team members. When considering who to hire for your team, try focusing on people who have the skills or the interest in areas you don’t.

One of the most important elements of building a high-performing team is hiring people who are great at the things you’re not good at, dislike or simply just don’t want to do. In order for your company and team to grow, you need to be aware and honest about the areas that are not your strengths. 

Then, you should look to hire someone who loves those things and are GREAT at them so they can take some of the burden off your shoulders, which will allow you to focus on tasks where you excel and that you enjoy doing. At the same time, your team excels and grows your business because everyone is working in their “sweet spot”.


#2- Hire People Who Can Do Lower Level Tasks That You Don’t Have Time For

If you're constantly feeling overwhelmed or "busy" because you have too much on your plate, it's important to hire people who can help you by taking on some of those “lower level” duties.

It might seem counter-intuitive because adding another person to your business costs money, but the increased productivity and profitability that comes from freeing yourself up to do “higher level” tasks,  make this a wise decision.

For example, if you're spending 10 hours a week doing billing or scheduling, for example, you can hire someone to do those tasks for $15/hour, freeing yourself up to do the $100/hour or $200/hour level of work. Hiring people who will take over the parts of your role that are lower level is crucial for both scalability and sustainability.


#3-Empower Your Team Members To Follow Written Processes and Systems, While Allowing for Some  Autonomy

Ideally, you and your team are following written processes and systems.  The team you build should help you create those written processes, as you build your Operations Manual, and then should follow them.

However, your team is composed of human beings, not robots!  So you want to allow for some of their own innovation and ideas.  Brainstorm ideas together, include some of theirs to test, and do your best to accept the ideas that will likely advance your business.  Be sure to praise and reward them for their contributions!

By allowing for some autonomy, (within the framework of your systems), you’ll not only tap into the full potential of your team, but you’ll also incentivize them to make valuable contributions to your business. Furthermore, as they follow your business systems consistently, you’ll be able to step away more and more and trust that they can do excellent work without you.

With these strategies, you can build a high-performance team that supports you and grows your business, with less and less of YOU!

My name is Bria Simpson, I’m an international business coach, and I help business owners like you reclaim their sanity, health, and sense of humor while scaling their business with a lot more ease.

If you believe you need a little help building your high-performing team, I'm here for you.

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