Have you tried whipping cream with a plunger?

Apr 20, 2022

Remember how in previous posts I’ve talked about how staying in your comfort zone can actually be hindering your business’ ability to grow? In the past, I’ve given you some tips for changing your mindset from a comfort-centered one to one geared for sustainable success. If you missed those emails or are new to this list, you can find them all over on my blog.

Robert Collier is known for having said “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out”.

Getting out of your comfort zone and prepping yourself and your business for growth isn’t something you can accomplish overnight. There’s no magical formulae and no shortcuts. You have to be willing to put in the work.

Right now you’re probably thinking “I am putting in the work! I’m working harder and more hours than I ever thought I’d have to”.

I get it. Really. As a business owner, I’ve been there myself.

And over the years I’ve realized that sometimes the problem is using the wrong tools and techniques.  The ones you may be comfortable with but that aren’t primed for scaling.

Tools and techniques matter a lot. Take a baker and a plumber and ask them to switch tools and tasks. The plumber way well be able to bake a cake and the baker just might be able to fix a leaky sink, but they will both struggle, have to put in more work and will likely take a lot longer.

The same thing can happen in your business if you apply strategies that are ill-suited to the stage you happen to be in. So it’s very important to know just where your business is now so you can choose the right path to help you scale, with ease.

That’s why I created a FREE online assessment that can help you figure out what YOUR business scalability path is.

You can complete the quiz in under 5 minutes and get a full report explaining what stage you are in and some proven guidance on your next steps.

Those five minutes could very well be your first step toward the financial freedom and balanced life you deserve.

Click here to take the free “What’s YOUR Business Scalability Path” quiz.


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