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Oct 28, 2021

 Ever feel like you have too many balls in the air?  And you don’t know where to focus your time and attention and where NOT to?


If so, I have an important tip for you…


As an entrepreneur, there is an intersection of work in your business that you are especially good at and love doing.  I call this your Unique Brilliance or UB. 


Since your business is service-based, your UB is often in the service you provide. If you own a fitness or beauty business, it’s safe to say you are probably awesome at those services and you enjoy them. 


But there are some surprises every now and then.


Two of the hundreds of people I’ve coached are a good example of this. They both own interior design companies…  one of them is great (and loves) redesigning spaces to look amazing while the other one is awesome at (and adores) meeting with people to inspire them and enroll them as clients.  This latter person does not love the actual design process and prefers to have an assistant take care of that.


So they’re both in the same industry, but their UBs are different.  


And you need to get really clear on where your Unique Brilliance lies. 


To do this, make a list of all that is needed to run your business well (the service itself, billing, scheduling, selling/enrolling clients, leading a team…)  And then circle the things on that list that you’re really good at doing and enjoy doing.  It’s that simple. This is your UB.


And this is where you want to spend at least 70% of your time.  If that feels impossible right now, you are not alone.  Most of my clients feel that way when we start working together.


But, trust me, with more streamlined processes and systems, and proper delegation/automation, it’s not only possible, it’s essential if you want to grow a more profitable, sustainable business that you actually enjoy.


So do you already know what your Unique Brilliance is? How much of your total time are you spending there?  What needs to change so you get to at least 70% in your UB?


I hope this tip is helpful. 


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