Does Your Attitude Need a Tune-Up?

Sep 23, 2022

Nothing is more important for a business owner's mindset than a positive attitude. We've all heard the saying "attitude is everything," and it's particularly true in business.

Your attitude toward your customers, toward your employees, toward your suppliers and vendors—it all has an impact on how you run your business. When you or your team has a positive attitude you'll reap rewards; when there is a negative attitude,  your business will suffer the consequences. 

If you want to be successful in business, and scale up,  it’s imperative to do the work to keep your attitude (and your team’s attitude) positive and inviting! 

A good attitude starts with a healthy mindset. And a healthy mindset is built from the inside out, starting with your actions and habits. If you want to change your attitudes, start by changing the way you think about your mindset and habits.

Especially your mindset about challenges and “failures”.

All of us “fail” sometimes—the important thing is how we handle it when things don't go our way. (I put “fail” in quotes because it has such a negative connotation in our culture, but “failures” are really just opportunities to learn :)

If you want to be successful in business, change your attitude towards "failures" because they are just opportunities to learn something new and grow. Meet with your team and ask yourselves, "What do we need to learn here to improve things? What need to change for better outcomes?" 


Second, build on what you need each day to feel GOOD.  To be positive and calm.  To be excited to show up each day for your business. (For me, that means a regular yoga and meditation practice and taking a break every 2 hours after work that I find challenging.)

And then model and teach these healthy mindsets and habits to your team!  

A third suggestion is, outside of necessary difficult conversations to improve how your business runs, try to keep your sense of humor. Humor can be your best friend when you're facing challenging situations. It's also contagious, so use it to lighten the mood in your office and keep communication flowing. Don't take yourself too seriously—it's not worth the stress and impact it creates. Take a break when you need to take a break to maintain your sense of humor!

Try these tips out and notice what shifts :)


To your evolving success, with a positive attitude and good health,


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