Better meetings, better results

Apr 06, 2022

Even though I’ve taught how to lead a team well for over two decades, I myself still struggle with the format sometimes.

And I think it’s because sticking to a structure just isn’t as much fun as talking through things!  (After all, my team lives around the world and their cultures and experiences are fascinating).

But, the truth is, without a formal structure… things get dropped.  Mistakes escalate.  And, even more critically, frustration builds.  

Can you relate?

So what we do now is our Director of Operations sends our team this reminder about our weekly tactical meetings so everyone knows how to prepare for the meeting and nothing falls through:

#1- Something  “new and good”or something that you are grateful for since we last talked. (We start this way to keep a positive focus and connect a little bit.  It’s loose and organic-  no preparation needed here).

#2- Updates on your progress from last weekEverything that you are working on this week.  

#3- Where you are feeling stuck and any help or support that you need.

#4- Next steps on your projects or processes and estimated deadlines for completion. Our Director updates the projects and deadlines and keeps them organized and tracked in a Google Docs titled  “Task Tracker”.   Every team member is responsible for checking this tracker daily and updating their progress.

Hope this helps you organize your thoughts and improve your own meetings and processes.


To your evolving success :)


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