Are you overwhelmed in your business?

Dec 08, 2022

Are you tired of reinventing the wheel and putting out fires all the time?


Do you feel like your assistant or team lets you down way too often?


Is your business running YOU, rather than you running it?


I get it. I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and run three businesses myself.  We are all strong, independent people or we wouldn’t have the chutzpah to start our own businesses.


It’s admirable.  But it’s not easy!


The good news is…  it can become a lot easier.


The solution, always, lies in learning how to scale your business, with more systems, more processes, a good team, and less of YOU.


I know the name “systems” might make you cringe. Who wants to create systems? YUCK!  


The thing is, once you see what “systematizing” really does, creating:


  • consistently better results, and
  • consistently happier clients or customers


Which then lead to:


  • more organic and free referrals
  • more revenues
  • less headaches
  • less stress
  • more free time (because you can leave work without worry)
  • better health and more happiness 

You’ll wonder why you didn’t learn how to do it sooner!


Still find it hard to believe? How about a real-life example?


Take Craig, the owner of a wine store- when we started working together, he had a fabulous business in that he was awesome at his craft (picking great wines).  Just as you are awesome at your craft!


But he was frustrated by the inconsistency of his business and his team. Once we started working together, and he learned HOW to create step-by-step processes for his team to follow, and HOW to hold them accountable, and where to focus his time, his business took off.  


Craig not only vastly increased his revenues, he also made enough money, and earned back enough time and energy, to open another store!  And the second time around, he started his business with the business knowledge he had learned and saved himself years of struggle.


If you’d like to learn how to do this in your own business, let’s have an exploratory chat- just email us here and my team will set it up.  I’d love to help you transform your business into a better-oiled machine so you can get your life back and enjoy more abundance and less stress.


To your continued success, with balance and freedom,





P.S. The goal is for systems to run the business. And people run the systems. That’s how you get your life back and run a better business at the same time.


P.P.S. As long as you have been in business for at least two years, and are eager to scale and grow, with less overwhelm, you qualify for a chat with me if you’d like one. Just email my team here If we both feel we are a good fit for each other, I may be able to offer you a spot in my private coaching program.

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